Bell Tower Associates Website

Bell Tower Associates

Bell Tower Associates is a team of economic researchers in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their website’s clean and clear design reflects their professionalism, and their ongoing blog provides useful insights for their prospective customers.

Mount Bethel Christian Academy

Mount Bethel Christian Academy customized their theme from top to toe, adding a multitude of features. A pair of subdomains offer educational resources and important updates to parents; a miniature calendar embedded on the home page keeps upcoming events front and center; the footer is full of local sponsors; and online forms, downloadable documents, and other resources keep families involved.

We worked very closely with MBCA to modify nearly every aspect of their website to provide the best possible experience for both prospective and current families.

Mount Bethel Christian Academy Website
Screenshot of the Palmetto Bay Academy website at

Palmetto Bay Academy

The Palmetto Bay Academy has a unique approach to teaching, and we strove to create a website that sets it apart from the pack. Curious prospective families can explore the range of articles and videos that fill the home page and illustrate PBA’s alternative methods. An interactive calendar provides helpful information to enrolled students and parents, and the cool monochrome color scheme lets the content shine.

Kids’ Coop

Kids’ Coop is a cooperative preschool in Nevada where parents are closely involved with the academic success of their children. Their simple, stylish website features embedded Google Calendars, allowing the staff to handle the addition of new calendar events. A sponsors page, fundraising information, and an Amazon affiliate ad in the footer all help to monetize their site.

Kids' Coop Website
Wayland Montessori School Website

Wayland Montessori School

Wayland Montessori School chose a light, airy style that sets off their beautiful photography to great effect. Parent testimonials on the front page, plus detailed descriptions of classrooms and Montessori activities, provide an attractive, intriguing picture of the school – the user-friendly form on the contact page helps turn that interest into inquiries from prospective parents.

Red Sands Christian School

Red Sands Christian School showcases their gorgeous logo art front and center with a dynamic slider. Admissions information, job openings, and fundraiser details are all displayed prominently in the navigation bar, making this website a great tool for prospective families. The school’s administrator blogs from time to time, posting important reminders and tips for the parents of enrolled students.

Red Sands Christian School Website

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